X-ARTS is an international training event for artists and event technicians from the Netherlands, France, Denmark and Germany that shows today's artistic progress! From March 19th to 24th we would like to discover the world inbetween art and technology with you in one of Europe's fascinating hanseatic cities - Lübeck:

Be inspired by presentations that combine AI and arts and include different combinations of perception, self-portrayal opportunities and artist rights. You can also take part in four useful workshops that test your know-how, develop your skills and help you connect with other artists and event engineers during creative group work.

During the X-ARTS-workshop, following topics are to be presented, elaborated and discussed at a symposium from 19.-23.03.2023 at the Technische Hochschule Lübeck.

Everyone interested in X-ARTS is welcome to join the training courses, workshops and events.
The preliminary schedule and registration access is published below. Registration is required.

Free events | open public


23.03.| 19:30 | Bauforum TH Lübeck | Open Public

The CLASSICAL BEAT Festival Orchester with its Big Band is a european orchestra of young professionals. It is born from the meeting of the Erasmus TEDMA partners Classical Beat Festival from Lübeck and SYL Productions, the structure of the French jazz artist and composer Pierre Bertrand.

The program called “European Jazz Companions” involves inside the same big band 3 great european musicians, specialists in big bands, and young musicians. The aim is that experienced musicians share their skills, their craft’s knowledge, with young professionals ending their studies in European Music Schools and Universities. Thus the program offers a first big band job to young professionals, in professional conditions. They are involved from start to finish in a musical creation, coached by great professionals.

The big band concert will be accompanied by abstract nature landscapes at night to immerse the audience in a tropical atmosphere. Different color stimuli depending on the music will be projected into the space and into specific selected plants which will be placed around the forum. The audience will be inside the performance and will be empowered to hear, feel and see the performance from within and from the location, they choose to be in. Some musical peaces will be followed by a magical dancer.

AUTHOR’S RIGHTS-WORKSHOP | 23.03.2023 | 09:30-11:30 | Bauforum TH Lübeck

Marc-Olivier DEBLANC & Guillaume Damerval

The workshop presents a conference-discussion with two author’s rights and performer’s rights European experts. Pierre Bertrand, jazz artist and composer will be the mediator of the workshop. The aim of this workshop is to inform the participants about the protection of their rights faced with new technologies, Web 2.0 and Web 3.0. The experts will propose tools to participants in order to imagine a concrete economy strengthening their art rights facing this new digital context.

No registration neccessary | Open Public

Marc-Olivier Deblanc & Guillaume Damerval

Marc-Olivier Deblanc is a lawyer specialized in intellectual property at the Barnett law firm. He manages key questions on the rights and remunerations of creators. He is the author of many articles about topics such as “Right Owner, what are you really earning ?”. 

Guillaume Damerval is the General Director of SPEDIDAM institution. SPEDIDAM is the main society of collection and distribution of artist-performers rights in France.  Guillaume DAMERVAL is a specialist of author-performer rights on a European scale.

X-ARTS Topics

The Improvisation Machine

Jan Ruerd Oosterhaven

The impro.machine generates random numbers that serve as a starting point for improvisations. A very intuitive and playful collaboration between an age-old musical concept and the artificial intelligence of the 21st century. A jamming session will be prepared to be presented on Friday, the 24th at 11 am in the St Petri Church where the main star will be the Impro.machine.ten.

Open Presentation: 20.03. | 14:15 | Bauforum TH Lübeck

Jan Ruerd Oosterhaven

As a teacher improvisation at the conservatory, and because Jan Ruerd is who he is, he developed several concepts to improvise with classical musicians, and has been collaborating with Classic Jamming since the very beginning.

Differential Listening | Interactive Music Systems

Prof. Nicola L. Hein | Musikhochschule Lübeck

This workshop will explore working with interactive computer music systems programmed in the visual programming language Max/MSP. It will develop different approaches to program systems that can listen, react and interact with human musicians.

Machine listening and real-time audio analysis will be an important subject in order to engage human and machine as musical partners. The workshop aims to engage students in programming and musical interactions. Students are expected to bring their own instruments and computers.

Open Presentation: 20.03. | 10:30 | Bauforum TH Lübeck

Prof. Nicola L. Hein

Nicola L. Hein is a sound artist, guitarist, composer, researcher in the field of music aesthetics and cybernetics. He professor for digital creation and artistic director of the studio for electronic music at the University of Music Lübeck.

Immerisve Nature Scapes at Night

Prof. Dr. Isabella Beyer & Benjamin Rachfahl

What does nature reveals a projected reality at night? How does nature change at night, how do plants behave and if they would make sound, how would their music sound?

In this workshop we will use the darkness to project patterns and colors into the plants and then it will be up to the students to find their perspectives and color arrangements to film in 360° with our cameras the nighty plants to tell in 3 minutes (or longer if needed) the story of nature at night.

Open Presentation: 20.03. | 11:10 | Bauforum TH Lübeck

Prof. Isabella Beyer & Benjamin Rachfahl

Benjamin Rachfal is a very experienced projection artist, who installed many different projection mapping installations. He uses the software Resolume and will give an insight into his working practice.

Isabella Beyer, is an expert in immersive art and has been working as an artist on many different immersive films and installations. She will give insight into Adobe After Effects and the VR effects as well as how to use the 360° cameras and what is important for an omni present environment. In her lab the students can test their peaces in the dome space.

Interdisciplinary investigations into artistic productions

Robert Cole Rizzi

Through guidance and framed assignment's we will, in an open and collective process, collect and transform data, explore and experiment with the substance, define and develop a symbiotic and cross aesthetic/multimodal performative output to be presented for the display event in St.Petri Church on Friday March 24th.

Open Presentation: 20.03. | 13:30 | Bauforum TH Lübeck

Robert Cole Rizzi

As an artist, I love working site specific with found scores, using extended techniques when field recording, often listening to and recording hidden sounds, utilizing improvised, and random/chance operational aproaches to composistion. Teaching electronic music and soundart, and dissemination through artistic expressions at SDMK, Esbjerg as well as MGK in Kolding, DK Experienced in hosting workshops with varoius content, encouraging unconditionally creative playful co-creation for all ages.

Musical Scenes | Playing and improvising with Ableton Live and Max-Msp

Sébastien GERMAIN & Gilles LABOUREY

This workshop aims to offer an overview of resources to digitally enhance the performance of the musician and the band using computer tools (Ableton Live, Max-Msp...) This may include audio and MIDI signal processing, human/machine musical interaction, instant musical analysis, sound set programming, use of sampling to generate new sound perspectives, introduction of a dose of chaos via the implementation of random parameters.

Open Presentation: 20.03. | 17:15 | Bauforum TH Lübeck

Gilles Labourey & Sébastien Germain

Gilles Labourey is a keyboard player and director of the IMFP (Institut Musical de Formation Professionelle) in Salon de Provence.

Sébastien Germain is a keyboard player and teaches jazz and music theory at IMFP.



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