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Kickoff event


betweeen music & technology

9th of December


Engaging speeches

About 360-degree- and immersive media, Artificial Interlligence and how such technologies can influence music.

360° Fulldome Presentations

Games, dance performances and presentations - the application examples of the TH Lübeck clearly showed what can be expected from the medium 360°. The visitors were fascinated by a still young possibility of visualising complex contexts.

Panel Discussions

Difficulties in defining the terms art and technology.

Digital vs analogue artists

Limitations and boundaries justify innovation and problem-oriented work. In the meantime, the inclusion of AI in art is being debated, as this technology can be perceived as an anxiety too. However, there is a consensus that AI can/will be an enrichment for art, as it can serve as an inspiration tool for own works or offer new creative expressions. The functions are limited to reproducing and exchanging input data. The appearance and creation of a changed perception of music will continue to require the relevance of human interaction and thinking - the social component - and is considered a non-substitutable part of music creation, which is why both digital and analogue artists will be needed in the future.

Live PErformances

The Smartphone Orchestra

The Smartphone Orchsestra is based on an internet application - and lets a crowd reproduce an orchestra guided by an interactive way of working.

music combined with a light cube

Nicholas presented a show in which he combined digital arrangements and a light show that shone from several external light sources onto a cuboid. This cuboid refracted the light on different sides and was itself not permanently lit from within.

What's next?

From 20th to 24th of March, all participants met again in Lübeck for the second event of TEDMA called "X-ARTS". The students were able to experiment with the main topics characterized during INTERSECTIONS by participating in engaging workshops.

Review Video from Spot Groningen